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mira ♥
11 March 2014 @ 04:31 am
Hey peeps.

I've totally neglected this. Even neglected japanese fandom.
Still into them just not as much than before.
So... I've been busy working lately. To be exact, i'm at work right now hah.
My second night. Trying to keep myself awake while all my patients are sleeping soundly.

What else to talk.....

Boyfriend still in camp. Yes, i've got myself a local guy here in s'pore lol
He's great and i feel blessed.
Another reason why i started to update this blog again is partly because of him.
Found his old blog online which is full of posts regarding his ex anyway. Nothing much.
Yes, i'm feeling jealous right now but whatevs.

It's 0430hrs. 30mins more i gotta start taking vitals and all.
Can't wait to go homeeeee!
I'm gonna try to keep writing here for my own.
Sometimes it's nice to just let go your feelings on a blog right?